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Proplite has taken the hassle out of backing your boat up with the addition of a back-up sensor. Proplite, LLC the manufacture of the boat towing brake light, the Proplite, is now offering a second model, the Proplite II™ with back-up sensor. Take the hassle out of backing your boat into the garage, out-building or tight parking space. No more getting out of the tow vehicle several times to check for obstacles or to see how close you are to the garage wall. The Proplite II with back-up sensor warns the driver of obstacles that are behind the boat, allowing you to back-up with confidence.

The Proplite II™ with back-up sensor sends a signal to the wireless display inside the vehicle showing you how close you are, in feet, to any hard object behind the boat. Each Proplite II™ with back-up sensor comes with all the same great features as the original PropLite™, but now with the addition of a back-up sensor, you will have protection while backing up as well as towing you boat. As with the Original PropLite™, all hardware is included. After a one time wire installation to the trailer frame the PropLite™ simply plugs in and you are ready to go. There is no additional wiring for the display unit, just plug into your vehicles cigarette lighter or auxiliary plug. Order yours today!


Installation is quick and easy! After an initial one-time cable installation on your trailer frame, the American-made PropLite™ simply plugs in and a bungee straps around the extended outboard. It only takes a few seconds to mount or to remove each time you load or launch your boat.

Best of all, the PropLite™ is inexpensive and when you consider the cost of potential repairs, owning and using a PropLite™ is an excellent investment.


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